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ELKHART, Ind. - May 8, 2019 - Dometic has partnered with Tiny Idahomes to create a tiny living experience, bringing the best of RV products to these small spaces. 

Dometic, one of the leading suppliers in the RV market, is thrilled to support the tiny living movement by incorporating their products in to tiny homes.

Tiny Idahomes and Dometic have worked together to create the ”Dometic Tiny Home,” also known as the K2 model.

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The K2 model includes products from Dometic inside the home and outside on the patio space. The inside has a Dometic range, an 8 cubic foot refrigerator, 320 series porcelain toilet, washer/dryer combo, and Dometic blinds system.

The outside includes a Dometic 9500 awning, wine chiller, CFX powered cooler, and portable lithium battery, the PLB40.

Dometic and Tiny Idahomes were able to create a full home solution, leveraging the broad range of products Dometic offers.

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